Heber C. Kimball


Pioneer Past

There is a place for you in Salt Lake City where the old and the new mingle. A place that is as close to culture and commerce as it is to the Mountains and Lakes. A place among the friendliest people in the west.
It's a place called The Kimball.

In 1847, pioneers sought a place to put down fresh roots, where with hard work they could build a new life. A leader among those courageous settlers was Heber C. Kimball.

Spirited Future

Kimball, the Lieutenant Governor of the new Utah Territory, settled on a ten-acre block near the city center. There he built his home and successfully planted crops. He was proud of his land and his home, and loved to share it with friends.

Kimball's industrious and innovative qualities have endured. These attributes still characterize the city in which Kimball made his home, and make Salt Lake City the vibrant community it is today –– a place of dynamic energies, neatly balanced between its pioneer past and its spirited future.